Hands up, our bets went pear shaped!


YOU have to take the good with the bad in life. In sport. And in betting. And if the week before was a good week for TIALTNGO, then last weekend was nothing short of catostrophic. If I tried to pick my nose last weekend, I would probably have poked myself in the eye. That’s how bad things were.

For those of you that didn’t see the three bets I plumped for last Friday, well I’ll show you again so you can have a good laugh at my expense. And hopefully not too many people went with my bets or a path will be worn down to my door!

I went with three bets with the weekend’s football and some of the selections were amazingly off target. My first bet was a 20euro five game accumulator. We thought Tyrone were nailed on to beat Donegal – they lost. We were very confident John O’Mahony’s Mayo would trump Dublin – they drew. In Division 3 we thought we had two bankers – Down to beat Limerick and Cavan to beat Offaly. Guess what? Yes, Limerick and Offaly triumphed. And we even tried to get a banker from Division 4, showed our confidence in Leitrim getting the better of an out of sorts and understrength Waterford. We don’t need to tell you who won there.

Spectacularly wrong. And to make matters worse that was the bet where we went for the bankers. To get all five wrong takes doing! In fact the odds for our bet was 10/1, so we would have collected 220 yo yos if it came up. The odds for the actual results from those five games? Well this will indicate how left field the results were. Had we invested that 20euro on the actual results, we’d have collected a shade over 10,000euro! Read it and weep.

Our second bet also fell short, although we don’t feel as bad here because we went for value bets rather than apparent nailed on ones, like first time out. Monaghan to beat Meath fecked this bet up from the start, with the live Setanta game ending in a draw. Fermanagh didn’t beat Laois, they lost. Galway didn’t beat Derry, the drew. Kildare lost to Armagh. So of the nine NFL games we tried to predict, we got how many results correct? Yes, you’ve guessed it, zero!

We’ll keep this betting craic going for another wee while, if only for entertainment value but don’t follow our bets as a means to lift your finances out of the recession!

Our last bet actually almost did come in. We threw 20 quid on a Connacht U-21 double, Sligo to beat Leitrim and Roscommon to beat Mayo. Had this come in we actually would have ended the weekend with a nice profit of 50euro and God we were close.

Sligo were always going to beat a poor Leitrim selection and did so 0-12 to 0-4 and our tip of 15/8 about the Rossie Under 21s looked very good when they led by three deep in injury time. But Mayo’s late, late goal and eventual extra-time victory turned thegame on its head. As we said on Friday we’re happy for Paddy Power to keep that money and TIALTNGO forget all about the bet until I was halfway home from Charlestown.

Come back on Friday to see what bets we can come up with and see if its possible for us to get it even more wrong next weekend!


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