I’m not gone AWOL just yet

Just in case anyone was thinking about sending out a search party – I doubt anyone was! – I’m alive and well. Anyway I doubt too many guards would be able to held ye locate someone known here as TIALTNGO!

The reason(s) for my inactivity? Well I’ve been a bit busier than planned and also there hasn’t been a whole lot happening or anything in the way of games to preview, review and analyse. That’s the beauty of the NFL – the games come hard and fast at you but championship is a bit more drawn out.

We had hoped to do an update during the week of how the club scene is going but we’ll hold on that till we see how the weekend games go.

News wise there hasn’t been a whole pile to report and, besides, I’d need to be up very early to wipe the eye of my fellow blogger Willie Joe at mayogaablog.com with any latest news.

STAYING PUT: Keith Higgins is to hurl in Kerry while the footballers travel to New York.

STAYING PUT: Keith Higgins is to hurl in Kerry while the footballers travel to New York.

But I might, I say might, beat him with this one. Trevor Mortimer has been announced as Mayo captain for the championship. I spotted this on gaaboard.com and there is also a report here on the county board website.

A good call? I think so. We are short of natural leaders among the older players and Trevor may be seen as a bit too gruff for some but I think he does have leadership qualities and while he might not be the type of leader who pulls a player aside at training for a word in the ear, he does command serious respect in the dressing-room and has been one of the most vocal players this year.

I certainly think he is more suited to it than Ronan McGarrity who I think felt a bit burdened by the role.

In other news we see that John Maughan is again having a good shot at John O’Mahony in his weekly column in The Mayo Advertiser. We’ve mentioned here before how Maughan felt aggrieved at how O’Mahony ‘undermined’ him when roles were reversed and O’Mahony was writing in The Western. Maughan was very much of the opinion then that what goes around comes around and he would get his chance to pass judgement on O’Mahony as a manager.

So it has come to pass and Maughan is relishing the chance to go in with the studs. Last week he queried the exclusion of Ciaran McDonald. This week he pointedly referred to how Keith Higgins had chosen the hurlers Christy Ring clash with Kerry ahead of travelling to New York with the footballers. This after O’Mahony saying earlier in the week that it was he himself who had ‘released’ Higgins for the hurlers. Maughan takes a certain pleasure in pointing out the real events, while deliberately not mentioning O’Mahony’s statements earlier in the week.

Yes, McDonald has something to offer. And Keith Higgins did make his own mind up and O’Mahony tried to paint himself in a good light by saying he released him. But, that notwithstanding, you don’t half get the feeling that Maughan is really enjoying highlighting these issues.

No more than Roy Keane’s tackle on Alf Inge Haaland, we all knew some form of retribution was coming down the line but Maughan’s gone over the top. It smacks of score settling rather than trying to argue constructively. It looks petty I’m afraid to say. Doubt we’ve seen the last of it either.


2 Responses to “I’m not gone AWOL just yet”

  1. 1 Viv May 5, 2009 at 8:55 pm


    Im contacting a few of the best known GAA bloggers about a GAA project that I am involved in which includes bloggers. Willie Joe has been giving me loads of tips and ideas and he mentioned your blog. Can you email me directly and I will tell you more. thanks V.

  2. 2 ClubMayo May 6, 2009 at 10:33 am

    TISALTNGO – great website, congrats and keep up the good work.

    Club Mayo will be providing live updates from NYC on the big game this weekend if you are interested in following us our website is http://www.clubmayo.ie

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