Responses to Rossie article

Well it would certainly seem that my article from yesterday (Sunday) has, if nothing else, done the rounds of computers in Mayo, Roscommon, Galway and Sligo in the past 24 hours.

It’s one of the most looked at articles on the site and opinion is very wide ranging. Some Mayo people agree wholeheartedly with it. Others find it amusing and then some think it’s the worse piece of writing they’ve ever seen.

The Rossies are more inclined towards the latter opinion. But some of them see it for what it is – a light-hearted rant that is meant to annoy rather than inflame. But different strokes for different folks I guess.

The piece has also been reviewed on where one poster hopes that the piece gets back to Fergal O’Donnell and his players! For the love of God. If Fergie ends up putting this on the dressing room door then he is far from the Messiah the Rossies hope him to be. To rely on the musings of an anonymous blogger for motivation? I couldn’t imagine Vince Lombardi crediting that one now!

Anyway we’ve received a lot of comments directly to this site and rather than reply to them on the old piece as I normally would, I’m going to post them here and reply to them individually. I could have taken off some of the less favourable ones but everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m more than willing to reply.

So here goes.

  • Ballagh Man June 15, 2009 at 12:50 amA lot of generalisations there. As a Ballaghaderreen man – and not a blow-in either- I will be supporting my native county Roscommon on Sunday. And many more Ballagh people will do the very same thing. I will tell you what is obnoxious and ignortant – when Mayo GAA men blocked a Ballagh ladies football team from training in a community ground because they had the audacity to affiliate with Roscommon. Imagine that – grown men blocking young girls from training because they could not abide Ballagh people playing with their native county. Now that’s what I call bitter.
  • TIALTNGO – I knew I’d get a comment or two about Ballagh, that was part of the fun. We could go into the ins and outs of the complex issue and still be arguing or I can continue to make light of it and stir the pot. I’m gonna choose the latter. PS you are right about the situation you describe. Petty.

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  • JJ June 15, 2009 at 8:21 amMayo fans are the most arrogant I have ever met, they think they are Kerry, but without the silverware. They are one of the few sides I know that abuse their own players as much as the opposition players. I remember being at a match against Mayo, and the opposing team scored a goal, a Mayo fan aged at least 50 started shoving the opposing (teenage) fans in front of him and throwing his toys out of the pram, all because the other team had the nerve to score a goal against his beloved Kerry, sorry I meant Mayo, sure Kerry would never get hammered every year at Croke Park.
  • Hello JJ and welcome. I don’t think we’ll be agreeing anytime soon. I guess every county has supporters that will let the side down. I just happen to think the Rossies have more than most. You might argue that I am misguided but I’d reckon the same about you. Still though it is all part of the rivalry I guess. Neither of us will like losing on Saturday and the outcome will leave one of us thick as a brier for the weekend and maybe longer. But its worth the worry for the buzz victory will provide.


  • John Ryan June 15, 2009 at 8:35 amThat is the singularly worst piece of backward, miopic, incorrect, speculative garbage I have had the mispleasure of reading in a long long time. I have attended plenty of Mayo and Roscommon games over the last 2 decades and most of what you talk of about is just crap. Absolutely pathetic piece of writing. And this is from a life long Mayo fan. I have heard plenty of stories from my Roscommon friends of having their cars spat at and being abused as they drove back home from Castlebar in towns like Charlestown and Ballaghaderreen over the years. If even half of the alleged things above happened you can be sure that for every abusive Roscommon fan there is an opposite number in the Mayo fans who is equally abusive. You seem to forget the abuse our own fans hurled at Conor Mortimer, Ciaran McDonald, John Maughan to name a few in the not too distant past. It was disgraceful and at our own fellow county men. Get over yourself, we are no angels either.
  • TIALTNGO – John, hello, thanks for replying even if you don’t agree with me. I welcome all criticism but if my piece is the worst piece of writing you’ve read in a long time then you mustn’t get much time for reading because to take that view on the piece is bizarre. We’re no angels – I have said every county has yahoos. But I’ve seen more in Roscommon than in any other county. That’s my experience of it. As for McD, Mort the younger and Maughan – some people in Mayo let the county down badly there and showed a lot of disrespect to men playing for the jersey. But don’t take what I said so seriously. I won’t be.
  • Rossie 1 June 15, 2009 at 8:40 amFor me, its goes back to the ultra cool Liam McHale days with the collar up and swagger the air of superiority. And then the ultimate crime that will not be forgiven – shafting us with John Maughan which set back Roscommon football for half a decade. But as you said, life would be dull without each other !
  • TIALTNGO – ha ha poor Liam got as much hassle from Mayo fans than opponents! He was a tanned, leggy star at a time when it was more suitable to be a dour, no nonsense defender. A pity. Bottom line, as we both say, we’d be lost without each other.
  • Sligo boy June 15, 2009 at 10:16 amDont no where ur gettin that rubbish from im a sligo supporter and we always love playing ros it always guarantees good craic and gud spirited rivalry. i hope they beat yee no need to be spouting so much shite. its the likes of u that will make GAA like soccer where supporters hate each other.
  • PS I drive through ros daily on the N5 every time yee were n all Ireland finals the rossies supported yee by putting out flags.
  • TIALTNGO – As I said there is just something about the Mayo Roscommon rivalry that has an intensity that can be overwhelming sometimes. Its obviously not quite the same with Roscommon and other counties, just like its not the same for us with other counties. Like I said we do bring the worst out in each other. But all this has to be taken in the context of GAA and talk of soccer fans comparisons is utter nonsense. Tense and all as the rivalry is, there will be no need to separate fans on Saturday and that situation will perpetuate for some years. Ours in an intense rivalry by GAA standards but it is not a dehabilitating one. I must, and thank God for internet anonymity here!, confess to shedding a tear or two when Roscommon won the Minor in 2006. It really was the stuff of dreams. See I don’t hate Roscommon. But I do hate losing to them. And I wouldn’t be a fan of a lot of their fans. But, if Roscommon do beat us on Saturday, I wouldn’t be crying tears of despair if they won the Connacht final. That’s a crucial distinction in our rivalry. I’m not sure what Rossies would think about Mayo winning an All-Ireland? Answers on a postcard.
  • Anyway that’s enough of the responses. I hope people can see the context of the article a bit better now. I think the overwhelming message is lighten up. Anyway back to Saturday next and tomorrow I hope to have a stab at picking the Mayo team and ponder what way we will line out  positionally. Maigh Eo Abu!


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