Job done

A TWENTY point drubbing of the Rossies. It’s something that would normally have us doing cartwheels down Main Street in Castlebar. But I think it is fair to say that among Mayo supporters, whilst happy with our performance, there is a realisation that Roscommon were due woeful and to read too much into yesterday’s result would be wrong.

Roscommon looked every bit a Division 3. Strike that, they looked Division 4. They imploded and it was real men against boys stuff.

I must allow myself an additional gloat too. I had tried to predict the team here on Tuesday and when it was announced I was out with one player – Liam O’Malley picked to play ahead of Donal Vaughan – and one position error – Trevor Mortimer was named at centre-half forward, Alan Dillon at 12. But then Mayo lined out with Vaughan in the corner and Dillon switched with Mortimer. I’m kinda spooked out that I nailed the entire fifteen. And also pissed off that there was no way to make money on it!

All in all though, and this is a short report because I’ve to go and play a match, it is a pity we didn’t get a better test ahead of a Connacht final. We won’t be getting ahead of ourselves though, John O’Mahony is good like that!


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